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A-Z of Meet the Masters Interviews

A-Z of Meet the Masters Interviews

An A-Z directory of inspiration!

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Roll Of Honour

Roll Of Honour

UK Masters achievements in CrossFit competitions in 2017.

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Events and competitions for UK Masters

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Meet the Teens: Sammy Jess

Sammy is proud of his podium finishes in Cyprus and at the SFFC Team event this year but it’s since just missing out on the Qualifiers that he has  renewed his focus and is hard at work to make his idols become his rivals. Watch out for him in 2018!

Meet the Masters: Lee Howe

Lee is an athlete, box owner and coach who has competed in 3 Regionals as an individual. As a new Master (35-39) he won the Rocket category at the Rainhill Masters. He loves a classic CrossFit workout and recommends intensity over volume.

Meet the Teens: Conor Sherlock

Conor’s strength is his strength. He loves throwing some weight around in the Box and after making this year’s AGOQ’s, he finished 182nd in the World (16/17 category). He loves CrossFit and his hard work is paying off!

Meet the Masters: Jill McIntyre

Jill doesn’t take things too seriously but despite this and a ‘fugly’ Chest-to-Bar pull-up, she still did Team Europe proud in the Masters League State of Origin in Oz this year!

5-Bullet Friday

Here is your weekly “5-Bullet Friday” e-mail; a list of CrossFit®  related stuff we’re enjoying or pondering here at MtB. As often as we can, we’ll bring you a guest Master who’ll share their “5 bullets”.…

UK Masters Lift-Off!

The CrossFit Liftoff began last Thursday, Nov. 30. Since then, athletes have been completing the published workout in addition to their heaviest snatch and clean and jerk. There was no time cap on the lifts and athletes were allowed to make as many attempts as they wanted before the end date of Monday 4th December.…

How Coffee can help you crush your next WoD!

Coffee is more popular than it has ever been, with a bewildering array of ways to make and drink it. The CrossFit community seems to have embraced coffee culture with an even greater enthusiasm than most and our ‘Kool-Aid’ is rarely without a shot of ‘Joe’. CrossFit brands have embraced it (Caffeine & Kilos) and others have brought us their own blends and roasts (Intensus, Extreme Bean, Contact Coffee and The Barbell Coffee Company to name a selection). So what is it with CrossFitters and Coffee?

Meet the Masters: Karl O’Leary

Karl made the Kennedy podium at Rainhill this year. Powered by his Junk Headband and Yorkshire Puddings, he plans on more of the same in 2018! How old are you, Karl? I’m 42. How long have you been doing CrossFit and where do you train? I’ve been training CrossFit for nearly 4 years now. I…

5-Bullet Friday #3

A list of CF related stuff we’re enjoying or pondering here at MtB. As often as we can, we’ll bring you a guest Master who’ll share their “5 bullets”.

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