The January Round Up!

One month in and the response has been great but, more than anything, I feel privileged to be the first to read the interviews in the “Meet the Masters” Series. Here’s a recap of what was posted in the first month.

Meet the Masters – Kim Lole

Kim is a prolific competitor, appearing at the Athlete Games and making the podium at last year’s Raising the Bar. She’s modest, hard working and her “wee dream” of making the Regionals one-day soon may well come true!


Just one of a small gang of UK Masters to head over to Holland for the Netherlands Masters, Colm McCoy was good enough to write up his experience (and he made the podium).

Meet the Masters – Cathy Wilson

Cathy was 49th in the world after last year’s Masters Qualifiers. Now in a new age category, 2017 could be her biggest year yet!

Meet the Masters – Scott Jenkins

From using EZ Bars for Squat Cleans in Fitness First to Carson, California. Meet the UK Master who’s hoping to get there again in 2017!

Mates Rates for Masters

CrossFit retailers with discounts for MtB readers – so we can spend our grey pound on their glorious stash!

Meet the Masters: Rob Walker

Rob is a box owner, coach and a prolific competitor. He finished the Open last year as No.1 in the United Kingdom, No.5 in the Meridian region and 48th in the World in his age bracket. Meet the man behind the stats…

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Listen Up! The best podcast episodes for Masters

There are some great podcasts out there but where to start? With many having hundreds of episodes, how do you find interesting listens for masters? You don’t have to look far because here’s a list to get you going!