QuizMaster: 10 Facts about the 2017 Masters Open

1. Of the 60 Women who Qualified from the three 50+ age categories, 37 got multiple muscle ups in the first qualifier! 2. At the age of 56, Mary Beth Prodromides managed 15 muscle ups. 3. In the men’s 45-49 category, 8 qualified from outside the top 20 places in the Open. 4. The most…

My Online Qualifiers: Menna Morgan

After getting over the shock of becoming the fittest 55-59 year old in Europe, Menna had to face the Online Qualifiers. Here are her reflections. Read the interview we did with Menna earlier this month. Featured image – photo-credit: Active Stills

Meet the Masters: Bill Grundler

If you google “Bill Grundler” you will discover what many of us already know. He’s a “CrossFit legend”: In 2015, 2nd Fittest Man on the Planet (45-49) and currently sitting atop the Open and Qualifier Leaderboards. He’s also a commentator for CrossFit® HQ, a Box-Owner, Head Coach and retired Fire Fighter. Bill hits hard and…

Meet the Masters: Andy Collings

Andy is a fixture of the UK competition scene but this year has exceeded expectations as he finished 123rd in the World in the Open! Once the Qualifiers are done, his aim is to reach the Finals of the French Throwdown for the third time. Good luck in 2017, Andy!

EuroMasters: Ivan Stanickov

Ivan is the next in our series of interviews with Serbian Masters. He loves CrossFit®, the Kettlebell and has competed in every Serbian Throwdown. In 2017, he’s targeting a foreign throwdown – watch this space!

Meet the Masters: Dawn Ratchford

Dawn is a veteran of the UK competition scene and thoroughly enjoyed doing the Open with the Unit 22 community this year; making the Online Qualifiers herself in the process! She already has a pretty hectic competition schedule booked in for 2017, so look out for Dawn! How old are you, Dawn? 49 years old. How…

Madison Bound? The UK Masters Shakedown

The Qualifiers are done! You’ve probably seen the instagram and facebook posts of post-WoD exhaustion, exhiliration and despair. The Masters who made it this  far are an inspiration who have achieved what the rest of the 99% of us can only marvel at. We salute you!

Meet the Masters: Laura Prosser

Give Laura some cash for a coffee and a good quote to read and she’s ready for the arena! She’s made the transition from being a Welsh International at Rugby Union to being a box owner and new Masters athlete (making the 2017 Qualifiers)!

The Sunday Supplement #08

The week digested! Enjoy. The Sunday Supplement is a weekly e-mail for subscribers. It rounds up all of the events of the previous week in the world of Masters CrossFit and contains material and links you won’t find on the blog. Not signed up? Get on it! This weeks can be found here.

Meet the Masters: Spencer Gardner

Spencer (in the 40-44 Masters category) is a proud member of the Dragon CrossFit Team which has taken him to the Meridian Regionals and onto a 2nd place podium finish in Strength in Depth for the last two years. This year he’s targeting a 1st place at Masters at War.

The Masters Qualifiers 2017

The Age Group Online Qualifiers have started and you can find full details here. A full explanation of the process and all 59 UK Masters who qualified can be found in our article here. Pat Sherwood and Sean Woodland give their take on all four workouts in the Update Show. In the words of Spencer…