Corey’s active duty in the US Army has  seen him competing in Europe for the last couple of years. Powered by Gummy Bears, he’s competed at the Ranch in 2009 and Regionals both as an individual and team competitor.

How old are you, Corey?

I just turned 42.


How long have you been doing CrossFit and where do you train?

I started in January of 2009 at Outlaw Crossfit. After about 6 years there as an athlete and a coach, I moved and started following Invictus Masters programming and just recently Invictus Gymnastics programming.

Based on my work and travel schedule I predominately train in my garage and when time allows I’ll go to 12 Labours Crossfit in Maryland to train.

What are the other commitments in your life?

I am active duty US Army so I tend to travel a lot (2 weeks a month on average) and work variable hours.

What keeps you coming back for more?

I think it’s the challenge. Having lived and competed in Europe for a couple of years the friends and athletes I’ve met have been amazing and drive me to be a better athlete. It’s very similar to the military. Although you haven’t seen someone for a year or two, when you do, it’s like no time has passed at all.

Athough I predominately train alone, the Invictus Online community and coaches are amazing and the competitive nature of the sport can’t be beat.


What achievements are you most proud of?

There are several.
1: The fact that I can still compete and as a Master, I am healthier than I’ve ever been. I was a two pack a day smoker in late 2007, with an extremely addictive personality and very little concern for my health or fitness. I decided to quit for my son (2 yrs old at the time) and picked up ultra running and marathons. After the first year, 12 marathons and two ultras, I was introduced to Crossfit and it’s been a life and career saver.
2: My Dad at 60 years old just did his first Murph last week and I had to argue with him to only do half the reps. No weight vest and ring rows, but he killed it and ran a sub 8:15 mile each run.
3: Probably the most important is my 11 year old sons interest in doing what his dad does. Although he’s only with me for the summers, I’ve just bought him his first barbell and look forward to some father and son quality time out in the garage gym.
4: Finally the fact that I’ve competed on a team at Aromas at the 2009 CF Games (before you had to qualify), I’ve been to regionals three times- Two as a team (2010; 2011) and once as an individual (2012)


How has the Open / Qualifiers been for you?

This year was tough. I’ve been plagued with a bunch of nagging injuries. Although it’s been my highest finish as a Master at 95th place I decided to focus on the Battle of Britain competition the same week as the masters qualifier. Although I did all but the HSPU work out with some amazing UK athletes (Spencer Whiteley and Rob Walker) I just didn’t give it as much attention as BoB.


Corey finished the Open in 96th Worldwide.

What are your strengths?

I would say I’m an overall average crossfitter at almost every movement. I’m not super strong nor am I a body weight ninja, but I can hold my own. Guess my motto is you don’t have to be great, but you have to be consistently good.


What are your weaknesses?

Gymnastics (specifically pistols) and strict movements.


What are your goals for 2017 now the Open is over?

Get healthy, start preparing for next year, and just have fun. I get bored easily and if I’m not having fun I lose interested.

Who does your programming?

The Invictus team. Nichole Kribs and Travis Ewart or Invictus.


Can we find you on social media?

@Onthedge30 – IG

My social media game is weak! My 11 year old son has more followers than I do.

Between work schedule and travel I’m not on as often. I follow mostly athletes I’ve met during competitions.


What supplements do you swear by?

Don’t do supplements. I’ll take fish oil, but that’s about it.

What’s always in your kitbag?

If I lived in the U.K. It would be Active 7, but since I don’t Tiger Balm, Haribo Sour Gummy Bears, and Fitaid!

What advice would you give to a Master just starting out in CrossFit?

1: It’s a process so be patient.

2: Pick a program that fits you and stick with it. It’s not going to make you a games athlete overnight.

3: Less is more and most important

4: Stop taking yourself so seriously and just have fun.

We all, more than likely, have a job that pays our bills already. Embrace the fact your decided to take that step towards healthy living and enjoy the transformation, but understand nothing happens without putting work in.


What’s the key to effective recovery for you?

Mobility, nutrition, and sleep.

What would you advise CrossFitters to stop doing?

Expecting instant results and know your limitations. If you don’t have a strict pull up then you are probably not getting a strict MU or Bar MU.

What should they start (if they aren’t already!)?

Compete! Regardless of experience level there is a competition for you. You learn a lot about yourself from a competition.

If you had a recommendation to event organizers what would it be?

For US comps:
Follow the European model (cost, prizes, movements) and offer more Masters competitions. Europe is far more advanced when it comes to incorporating Masters into competition than the US.


Thanks for a great interview, Corey!

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