Christine adds extra oomph to her CrossFit® with her love of running. She was the only European Woman 55-59 to enter a score for Wod 4 of the Qualifiers and finished 127th in the World!

How old are you, Christine?

Age 56yrs

How long have you been doing CrossFit and where do you train?

I’ve done CrossFit for almost 4 years now and have trained at Danum CrossFit in Doncaster for the last 18 months.


What are the other commitments in your life?

School Nursery Owner: I own and manage a School Nursery with lots of 2-5 year olds keeping me on my toes. I took on ownership three years ago and I have really enjoyed the challenge of building up the business and making sure the children get a good start in life.

Personal Trainer and Running Coach: I run a few boot camp sessions in the evenings. I really enjoy this and love to see people getting fitter and stronger. Also, as I enjoy running myself, I trained with Newton a few years ago and coach a fitness session for running on Tuesday evenings. I’ve met a lot of good friends through my love of running.

BTN Certified Nutrition Coach: I studied nutrition with the BTN Practical Academy run by Ben Coomber. I’ve followed him for a long time and I decided to become certified after I’d attended one of his seminars. His methods suit my way of thinking and I love being able to help people to reach their goals.

What keeps you coming back for more?

I love it! I haven’t found anything else out there that can push you to your limit and make you feel the way you feel when you finish the workout.

What achievements are you most proud of?

I was proud of myself when I realised I was the only European woman in my age category to enter a score in the Age Group Qualifier Workout 4. The handstands took me a long time because I’d never done them with the tape measure line before, what a difference that makes.


WoD 4 of the Qualifiers

How has the Open / Qualifiers been for you?

I struggled through the open suffering with shingles. My body was fighting the virus so it took a lot more out of me. I almost didn’t bother with the qualifiers, but I’d started to feel better so just thought I’d have a go as it’s all good experience. I was pleased with my result.


An impressive set of Qualifiers WoDs saw Christine climb to 127th in the World

What are your strengths?

Bodyweight and Cardio workouts suit me better, I love anything that includes running.

What are your weaknesses?

Barbell movements. The snatch being my worst movement, my old shoulders hate that.

What are your goals for 2017 now the Open is over?

Crack my muscle-ups for next year’s open. There I’ve said it now so I’ve got to do it!

Get my Home Gym sorted.


Who does your programming?

I do what I can with the time I have available.

I go to the 6am session at the box three times a week and do what’s on the board.

Every week I run intervals / hills / sprints etc., plus one 5k run and one long run over 10k.

I plan one other workout myself which is a boot camp style workout focussed on core and cardio.

Can we find you on social media?

Yes, I’m on Facebook

and also

Who do you follow on social media that you’d recommend to others?

Ben Coomber, Nutritionist

Good for you, have some great recipes

Craig Richey (TeamRICHEY) YouTube Channel. Highly entertaining and featuring their own Master #geoffdontquit

What supplements do you swear by?

Load UP 2.0 from Genetic Supplements

R5 Aminos for recovery from Aminoman (my referral link)

I also take some Omega-3, D3 and a good Multivitamin/mineral

What’s always in your kitbag?

Nothing special: Lifters, belt, knee sleeves, tape etc

My AbMat Burn Guard cover, I even used that at Rainhill when I competed last summer.

What advice would you give to a Master just starting out in CrossFit?

Be patient – making progress takes time. Eat well, rest and do plenty of mobility movements between workouts. Then make sure the youngsters can’t keep up 😊

What’s the key to effective recovery for you?

Keep moving, 8 hours sleep and R5 Aminos

Favourite quote?

I don’t really do quotes but this one makes me smile:

“I walk around like everything’s okay, but deep down, inside my shoe….my sock is falling off.”

Most of the ‘quotes’ in my head are lines from films, and this one comes to mind quite often during a WOD:

“Just soldier and keep your mouth shut”

I take this to mean just get on with it and stop whining. Can anyone name that film?

Then there’s always…

“Those burpees are not gonna do themselves”

What would you advise CrossFitters to stop doing? What should they start (if they aren’t already!)?

I really think CrossFitters should do more running! Get a couple of runs in every week to build up aerobic capacity.

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