Rob (41) is a box owner, coach and competitor. We interviewed him in the first of our ‘Meet the Masters’ interviews a year ago and decided to catch up with him one year on!



It’s been a year since we interviewed you, Rob. How’s your training been going?

Unfortunately, I dislocated my left shoulder at BodyPower Games and tore the labrum in two places. Whilst I have been able to train around it, and rehab, it’s not fully healed yet. Weightlifting has suffered.

Your goals for 2017 were:

1. To spend more time with my family and have a holiday. That means less competitions. Last year, I competed in 25 competitions!
2. improve on last year in the Open
3. compete in a European CrossFit competition.

Did you achieve them?

I did improve on my Open finish last year, and attained podium places at several big competitions. All in all I am pretty content with my CrossFit season.

Rob was no.1 in the UK in the Open and 6th in Europe.

What are your hopes for 2018?

Primarily, I’d like to focus on recovery and staying healthy. Also, many of my 2018 goals are outside of CrossFit. However, I plan on having fun with the Open and competing in the French TD, Battle of Britain, Battle for Middleground, and BodyPower Games. May be one or two more competitions like Wild West.

Has anything changed in your training?

No, I have been meticulously working on the Invictus Masters program, modifying when appropriate. Also, the Assault-Rx additional Conditioning program.

Are you following, watching, doing or reading anything new that you’d recommend to other Masters?

Nothing related to CrossFit.

Thanks for the update, Rob!


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