Meet the Masters: Christine Moore

Christine adds extra oomph to her CrossFit® with her love of running. She was the only European Woman 55-59 to enter a score for Wod 4 of the Qualifiers and finished 127th in the World!

Meet the Masters: Jane Fox

Jane is a Masters athlete, school teacher and a coach. Despite not exercising at all before CrossFit, this year she made it to the Qualifiers and climbed 62 places to finish 128th in the World (50-54).

Mastering the Menopause

Most women will experience some symptoms around the menopause. The duration and severity of these symptoms will vary. CrossFit women are no different, they are, however, asking their bodies to do things that the vast majority of women their age aren’t. How then are the specific needs of CrossFitters affected by the menopause and what can be done…

EuroMasters: Karin Seelow

Karin is the number 1 athlete in Spain (45-49), she finished the Open Qualifiers in 43rd worldwide and won the 2017 European Masters in Hungary. Meet the EuroMaster…

EuroMasters: Meggi Pavlidis Wind

Meggi is thriving as a Master, a competitive athlete, a coach and a Box co-owner. She’s a German who lives in Greece but is happy to throwdown all over Europe (as long as there aren’t any double unders!).

Meet the Masters: Jane Holgate

Jane is a UK CrossFit® original who has helped blaze the trail for Masters as a competitor, trainer, blogger and key player in bringing Raising the Bar to the competition scene. Passionate about providing the chance to throwdown to the older age categories, she’s looking forward to getting back on the competition floor herself in…

Meet the Masters: Corey Perry

Corey’s active duty in the US Army has  seen him competing in Europe for the last couple of years. Powered by Gummy Bears, he’s competed at the Ranch in 2009 and Regionals both as an individual and team competitor.

Meet the Masters: Carol Lord

Carol just wants a balanced life and she seems to be finding it! Combining her job as a Firearms Officer, regular and highly successful competing and spending time with the ones she loves; all along with Prosecco and Crisps. 2017 saw her achieve 153rd place in the world after the Qualifiers (40-44).

The Brits are Coming! Len Dandridge

Few of us fully understand the incredible commitment and work it takes to get to the CrossFit Games. Len Dandridge does – he’s made it to Madison. We caught up with him to talk about what it means and how he’s preparing.

Euro-Masters: Bastiaan Rejen

Bastiaan is a Master from the Netherlands who finished the Open 15th in the World (40-44). An injury meant the qualifiers didn’t go as planned but he’s on the road to recovery and would love to throwdown with you this year!

Justine Howlett: My Mental Game

Mastering the Box is looking at the mental aspect of success in CrossFit this week. Following up our article, “Mastermind: Winning the Mental Game“, we asked Masters about how they exercise their ‘Mental Muscle’. Past interviewee, Justine Howlett (45-49 Qualifier in 2017) was kind enough to share her experience.