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A-Z of Meet the Masters Interviews

A-Z of Meet the Masters Interviews

An A-Z directory of inspiration!

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Roll Of Honour

Roll Of Honour

UK Masters achievements in CrossFit competitions in 2017.

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Events and competitions for UK Masters

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Meet the Masters: David Hippensteel

Greg Glassman once said, “True fitness is proven not by debate but by competition”. There is no debate that David Hippensteel has earned the title ‘Fittest Man on Earth’ in the 60+ age division after winning the CrossFit Games in both 2016 and 2017! He has made it to the Games every year since he started CrossFit  at age 57 and he’s already strategizing on how to improve any weaknesses so he can be stronger next year!

Winter is Coming! Featured Competition


As some Masters competitions are about to bow out (Scale the Heights – Street Warriors / Masterclasses), it’s great to see fantastic new ones take their place offering Masters the opportunity to throwdown. The Battle for Middle Ground has already proved to be a big hit and you can read about one team’s experience of the current qualifiers for ‘Winter Soldiers’, below.

Our 5 Most Popular Posts

Ever wondered what the most read posts on Mastering the Box are?

Our new Calendar of Events & Competitions

The blog now has an events calendar! It’s pretty empty at the moment but we will be updating it regularly with Masters specific events and competitions as soon as we have the details! If you have an event or competition you would like featuring, let us know by filling in the details here. Further details…

Supplements we swear by!

Mastering the Box has been interviewing Masters for the last 9 months and one of our interview questions is always “What supplements do your swear by?”. We compiled their top advice in one post – “LISTEN TO YOUR ELDERS: SUPPLEMENTS TO SWEAR BY!” In summary, the post advised the following: Before you consider which supplements…

Meet the Masters: Kate Callendar

Kate is the fittest nurse in Europe (40-44), loves competing in paired events or teams and is fuelled by Freddos! How old are you, Kate? I’m 40 (gulp) How long have you been doing CrossFit and where do you train? Just over 3 years and am currently at Northern Warrior CA22 in Egremont. Cumbria. (I…

Meet the Masters: Andy Collings

Andy is a fixture of the UK competition scene but this year has exceeded expectations as he finished 123rd in the World in the Open! Once the Qualifiers are done, his aim is to reach the Finals of the French Throwdown for the third time. Good luck in 2017, Andy!

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