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A-Z of Meet the Masters Interviews

A-Z of Meet the Masters Interviews

An A-Z directory of inspiration!

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Roll Of Honour

Roll Of Honour

UK Masters achievements in CrossFit competitions in 2017.

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Meet the Masters: David Doig

David is a 50-54 Masters Athlete who is in the best shape of his life. After an impressive performance making the finals of the Kennedy category at Rainhill and the mixed pairs, his next stop was the UK Drug-Free Bodybuilding Finals. His biggest goal, though, is making the Games in 2019 as a 55 year old!

Meet the Teens: Reece Mitchell

Reece Mitchell kicks off our new ‘Meet the Teens’ series. In 2017, he made a spectacular entrance onto the scene by winning the worldwide Open (14-15 age category), making it to the Games and then earning a place on the podium. If Teens are the future, Reece has a big part to play in it.

Meet the Masters: David Juan Piguillem

David is a 50-55 Masters Athlete and Coach who’s had a great October winning Masters at War after returning from Cyprus with a 2nd place medal. Despite retiring from the Police in June, he’s not planning on taking it easy and his travel destinations are mainly to that dark place that Crossfitters know so well!

Meet the Masters: Jeremy Kidby

Jeremy is a 50-54 Master who loves using his fitness. He’s had a great year competitively and has just returned from Cyprus after qualifying for the finals of the Cyprus Throwdown. On reflection, he’s a good night’s sleep, a ring muscle up and one less tub of Ben & Jerry’s from the big time…

Meet the Masters: David Long

David is a box owner, a coach and an athlete who loves a sufferfest. He made the Age Group Online Qualifers (35-39) and came 1st in the UK in the Team Series Mixed Pairs (35-39); but nothing makes him prouder than his members smashing their goals.

Meet the Masters: Andy Byron

Andy has recovered enough to give us a great interview after returning from a gruelling two days at the Cyprus Throwdown where he made the finals (50-54). He’s now got his sights set on the Open…

Meet the Masters: Steven Garner

From Marine to Fire Fighter and Ironman to CrossFitter, nobody could accuse Steven Garner of choosing an easy life. Meet the Master who won the 40-44 category at raising the Bar this year…

EuroMasters: Ivan Stanickov

Nb This is not a new post, but when we moved the blog this interview disappeared, so we have republished it here.

Ivan is the next in our series of interviews with Serbian Masters. He loves CrossFit®, the Kettlebell and has competed in every Serbian Throwdown. In 2017, he’s targeting a foreign throwdown – watch this space!

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